20kva Silent and Fuelless Generators

320,000.00 330,000.00


This Ecotech 20kva silent and fuelless generators in Nigeria is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is top notch.

It comes in different KVA’s depending on your appliances.


Advantages of Fuelless Generators

The news regarding fuelless generator is not entirely positive.
These generators are not perfect, just like any other product.
The following are some drawbacks of employing fuelless generator:

They lose effectiveness after a brief duration of use.

Generators that run on fuel are more durable than fuelless ones.

When submerged in water, these generators are quickly damaged.

Without batteries, they are powerless.
Hence, every two to three years, you’ll need to buy a new battery.

Using fuelless generator in Nigeria has more benefits than drawbacks when pros and downsides are taken into account.
So, selecting fuelless generator is still a wise decision.

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