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This is a program which consists of natural herbal supplements(UG CAPSULES AND AKUM TEA) which helps to deal with the effect of diabetes and also gradually reduces the blood sugar level in the system. Shop Now!

100% Natural Herbal Remedy to completely reverse type 2 or type 1 diabetes with Ug capsules for diabetes.

Ug capsules and akum tea diabetes price in Nigeria. We have Ug capsules and akum tea amazon. Check out Ug capsules and akum tea reviews.

Akum tea diabetes is for treatment of non insulin and insulin dependent diabetes. It contains herbal extracts such as mistletoe and anacardium ocidentale.

UG Capsules and Akum Tea is 100% Natural Herbal Remedy to completely reverse type 2 or type 1 diabetes, normalize Blood Sugar Levels and Repair Pancreas.

Once you start using Ug Capsules  tea 2 natural herbal therapy, you will increase your metabolism, increase your insulin absorption rate, melt away fat, giving you more energy and lowering your risk of heart diseases.

With the diabetes remedy kit, you can say goodbye to a life full of frustration and far, and start enjoying freedom from diabetes.


Here’s how the Diabetes Remedy Kit works..

Take 2 capsules of the UG capsules, morning and night before meals.

Also, put 1 bag of the Akum tea  diabetes in a hot water boil for 3 minutes and drink warm.

Drink the tea in the morning and night.(2x a day).


The first 1 month, more than 50% of the people  who took it have recorded normal blood sugar levels.

And within 2 months, all the people that took it have reversed their type 2 diabetes.

Within the next 50 days or less, you too could say bye to your type 2 diabetes.

Now so many people are calling for the kits and the stocks are limited.


My adverse is to get yours while you can. If you place your order now you can get it at an affordable discount price.

Once you start this Ug capsules for diabetes Remedy Kit, within 20 – 50 days from now, you will say goodbye to diabetes, and you will never look for another solution again.

100% Free shipping to every state in Nigeria

We deliver any where in Nigeria. Shop Now!

Where can i buy akum tea? Check with the seller.

As we speak, lots of people are already raving about how effective the diabetes remedy kit is, and how it has helped them fix the root cause of the disease, repair pancreas, and naturally lower blood sugar.

By word of mouth, there’s so much huge demand, supplies are going off the shelf fast… even my colleagues at work, picked up 17 of the Diabetes Remedy kit.

So, there are just about 137 kits remaining.

Right now, thousands of people are on this website… and stocks are extremely limited.

We have no idea when the next stocks are going to arrive, so my advise to you is this: get your supplies now while you can!

When you go ahead and place order now, you will get it at an affordable discount price.

If you procrastinate, I cannot assure you that you will get it at the same discount price.

If you start today, then less than 1 month from today, you could be free to enjoy life, and never again worry about diabetes-related early death or amputations.


Let me ask you… what’s something like this worth?

What would you give to have your life back again, without the fear and pain of diabetes?

To know that you’ll never have to stick yourself with a lancelet ever again?

To be able to stop injecting yourself full of synthetic insulin?

To never again have to worry about going blind, or kidney failure, or having a heart attack with no one around to save you?

To finally stop taking all those ridiculously expensive diabetes drugs that don’t even work?

To be able to tell the Big Pharmaceutical & MLM companies that they can’t have your money anymore?

To do all this while losing weight, looking younger, and having better sex than you’ve had in years?

Once you start using the Diabetes Remedy Kit, within 30 – 60 days from now, you will say goodbye to diabetes, and of course, you’ll never have to look for another solution to Diabetes!

Imagine the look of shock on your doctor’s face…

When he tells you that your blood sugar is completely normal, just WEEKS after you were diagnosed with an “incurable” disease

When he asks you, “How did you do this? None of the diabetes drugs are capable of this! What did you do?”

How much would you give for this?

You see, you won’t pay a lot for this Diabetes Remedy kit. And if you go ahead and get it now, you will enjoy…

=> the discount introductory price

=> Payment at the point of delivery within Lagos (or at your DOORSTEP)

This means you will pay for the products only when it has been brought down to you face to face by our courier company or delivery man.

Here’s a breakdown of the price (depending on the supply you are ordering for) …


Diabetes Remedy Kit 1 Month Pack
2 UG capsules (120capsules) + 2 Akum tea +2 Phealth DISCOUNT PRICE = N33,800


Diabetes Remedy Kit 2 Months Pack
4 UG capsules (240capsules) + 4 Akum tea+4 Phealth



Diabetes Remedy Kit 3 Months Pack
6 UG capsules (240capsules) + 6 Akum tea+6  Phealth Tonic




Yes, for this small price, you will get access to the Diabetes Remedy kit and start using it. The Diabetes Remedy pack is worth much more considering how much money you’re going to spend on trying to manage your Diabetes, and considering how much our health mean to us and our loved ones.

For this extremely low price you can start getting your health back, jump start your pancreas, make your body remember how to absorb insulin and ensure your blood glucose stay at a healthy, normal level.

You’ll be able to stop taking insulin injections, and completely reverse your diabetes, without using chemical drugs, and without any side effects whatsoever!

The specially recommended option is for 3months pack, obviously it has more quantities of the UG capsules, so you get the perfect and desired results from it, and you’ll never spend money again on this.

The 2months pack is also for severe diabetic patients.

However, both the 1month pack and 2months pack options will give excellent results when you make use of them.

Like I said earlier, this is an extremely limited offer. It will not be available for a long time, it’s either we go out of stocks, or the price goes up soon, so you may end up paying at an increased price if you procrastinate.

So go ahead, order for it right away and start using it to repair your pancreas, reverse type 2 diabetes, normalize blood sugar levels and say goodbye to your expensive diabetic medications & insulin injections!

Best part is, there’s absolutely no risk on your part.

Here’s what I mean: You don’t have to pay first before you get this product. We have payment on delivery option for you get the items. Once you place your order, our marketing firm sends the item to your state through our courier delivery service.

Once it get to your state, our delivery man picks up item and bring it to your provided address. Next, you collect your item and pay the money to the delivery man that brings it for you. No extra cost, no risk whatsoever!

Depending on your location in your state, delivery takes within 2 – 4 business days after you’ve placed an order.

Warning, for payment on delivery within Lagos (please, serious buyers only):

  1. Ensure that you have the cash available with you before placing order
  2. Ensure that you have gone through the website, understood the supply and prices for each option
  3. Make sure you are available for the delivery (nationwide delivery is within 2 to 4 working days, while Lagos receives it within the next day)

Follow the instructions below to place order, and get
the products delivered to your doorstep
(payment on delivery within Lagos)

This means you will pay for the products only when it has been brought
down to you face to face by our courier service agent

Pay Before Delivery Available To All States In Nigeria

Here’s how to order for your DIABETES REMEDY KIT today at the special discount price

Depending on the option that you are ordering for…

*If you are ordering for “1 Month pack”… indicate the code “DIABETES REMEDY KIT 1month PACK” in your text message…

*If you are ordering for “2 Months pack”… indicate it “DIABETES REMEDY KIT 2months PACK” in your text message…

*If you are ordering for “3 Months pack”… indicate it “DIABETES REMEDY KIT 3months PACK” in your text message…




Here’s what to send to us…

Text the (the option you are ordering for) with the following information below…

that is, Diabetes remedy kit 1month pack , 2months pack or 3 months packs.

  1.  Your Full Name
    2. Your Phone Number
    3. Delivery Address (home or office address)

Send This Information as a text message to +2349038144121

Please Note: Your delivery address must include (your street name, town, local govt and state). Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier delivery man that will come around to deliver to you.

You will get a SMS and Call from us within 24 hours to confirm your Order Before we Parcel It Across to You.


Once we received your order, and your details are correct, you will receive an SMS or call confirmation from us.

Your products will then be sent to our courier delivery and the items should get to you within 2-4 Days for nationwide payment on delivery within Lagos.

Note: The product will be packaged discreetly and no one else will know
what’s inside, and every other information will be kept
private and 100% confidential.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask us before you order.

Be sure you inform us you got our contact on komback free online marketplace in Nigeria. Free listing!

Call/ WhatsApp- Isaac Iyamu +2349038144121




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