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For starters, using fast shuffle (holding both triggers) lets you stay in a defensive stance when shutting down twisting lanes. It's possible to cut drives off, forcing NBA 2K19 MT Coins players back from the perimeter by constantly staying in front of the offense. Chuck can induce dribblers out of bounds, mess with their equilibrium, and provide you time to make a fast steal attempt or superior competition.

The more you minimize open offensive appearances, the more inclined you should come away with a shot. At times you'll get burnt no matter how great of protection you perform . Occasionally they will drain a heavily contested shot. But the more you make the offense work to their things, the more stops you'll make.

In our NBA 2K19 review, we talked about a brand new gameplay feature known as Takeover that supplies boosts to key features. Each player has at least one Takeover, and three of the nine possible boosts pertain to defense. If you play nicely with a player for a consistent stretch, you can activate Takeover by pressing down on the ideal trigger. If their Takeover ability is defensive, it will appear as just one of three icons: A lock, a bucket wrapped in a shield, or even a wine glass.

The lock signifies lockdown defender, the defense marks great rim protectors, and the wine glass lets you know that the participant is a power to be reckoned with on rebound chances. Pay particularly close attention to this lockdown defender Takeover, as you've got a greater probability of blocking shots and creating steals when it is triggered. You will know when it's busy once you see an on-fire icon next to a participant's name.If you are still having difficulty containing the offense after using these hints, we highly recommend Buy NBA 2K Coins, the in-game tutorial which will teach you the ins and outs of playing defense.

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