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 Hemorrhoids can completely destroy your appearance. But what is worse is the scars they left behind. If you have had acne scars, you know how outdated they look. However, with modern technology, you no longer have to worry about CO2 laser surface resurfacing treatments with acne scars. The Fractional CO2 Laser machine is a professional and suitable device for removing acne scars.

So, next to Skeily tells you why acne scars are so professional.

What is a fractional CO2 laser?
A fractional CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser is an effective laser for the treatment of acne scars. The new "score" technique treats only a portion of the skin, leaving healthy, intact skin around the treated area. This provides fast healing and very safe treatment for all skin types.

How to treat acne scars with fractional CO2 laser?

Fractional CO2 lasers produce small tiny holes in the deeper layers of the skin. This process results in the production of new, healthy collagen to smooth acne scars. One week after the fractional CO2 laser treatment, an improvement in acne scars can be seen. Improvements in acne scars will last up to 6 months after initial treatment. Acne scars can be improved by about 30-70% after one treatment, but the results vary from individual to individual. Most patients need only one treatment to achieve the desired improvement.

What is the downtime for fractional CO2 laser treatment of acne scars?

The fractionated CO2 laser requires approximately 4 days of downtime after surgery. During this time, the skin heals from the laser-induced wounds to stimulate the healing of acne scars. Healing within 4 days after the fractional CO2 laser, you will continue to apply a layer of ointment, which will help stimulate faster healing.

Is the Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser treatment for acne scars safe for deeper skin types?

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is safe for the treatment of dark skin type acne scars. All skin types, including Asian, Indian and African American skin, can be treated with fractional CO2 lasers. For these patients, it is important to see experienced laser surgeons perform these treatments on a regular basis.

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