Aju Mbaise Herbs Tea For Flat Tummy

Do you know that Aju mbaise and ulcer herbs can help you burn your belly fat? And it has so many benefits that comes with it.We have sellers all over Nigeria.Order yours today!



Aju mbaise herbs means a wrap of herbs from Mbaise a town in Imo state. It is specifically used by single and married  men and women, especially newly delivered mothers/nursing mothers so as to clean the system and re-position the womb on time.

We sell and deliver all over Nigeria. Aju mbaise herbs help in stomach ulcer, weight lose, peptic ulcer, peptic ulcer treatment, ulcer symptoms, stomach ulcer treatment, stomach ulcer symptoms, fertility, gastric ulcer treatment, you can use it as a weight loss tea, how to increase ovulation naturally, its an ovulation booster drugs, conception pills, fertility drugs for twins.

People ask how to get pregnant with our herbs. This aju mbaise works like keto diet and kedi diet product.


Aju Mbaise is a combination of ginger roots, traditional leaves, uziza seeds, ehuru, uda and the bark of a special medicinal tree found in Mbaise. Uhiokirihio, also known as whole spice, is cooked with the Aju Mbaise leaves. It is also a fat-burning spice aimed at reducing starch in cooked meals.

The herbs drink has so many benefits to offer for your flat tummy if you are one of them. Order today!

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