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Gbagagba Carburetor Herbal Medicine

We never have a time idea of its value until we lose it. Carburator cleaner is for syphilis, gonorrhea, Uti, candidiasis, staph aureus, herpes virus, ulcer, weak erection and watery sperm. Order Now!



Gbagagba carburetor herbal medicine cleaner is your answer to your long term problem. Maybe you had a problem that you don’t want to tell anyone.

This herbs is affordable and its for male and female. Its one of major products are locally made specifically for the treatment of gonorrhea, candidiasis, waist pain, back pain, chronic typhoid and optimization of sugar level.

Take this carburetor cleaner and after cleaning your system, you start with gbagagba medicine for you next work. This products are 100% natural herb. I wish you luck with your partner.

We deliver throughout Nigeria and we have distributors throughout the whole world, but home delivery is available only in Onitsha, Anambra state.

Best herbal medication of all time, supplement for every home. We settle your sexual matters with our remedy…No more 2 secs and no more infections. Knowledge is power. Ogbono Igala.

Gbagagba medicine is the best use for effective sex performance, man power and premature ejaculation. Full satisfaction of one’s partner if the medication is used before sex. It’s a sperm booster for low sperm count.

It handles Staphylococcus, Syphilis and other chronic infections. The beauty of sex story start here with carburetor cleaner gbagagba herbal medicine. Give us a call today and check gbagagba video too.

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  1. Carburetor Cleaner-N3,500
  2. Gbagagba-N3,500
  3. Ogbono Igala-N5,500
  4. Staph Package-N20,000


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