Odogwu Bitters Alcoholic Drink



Odogwu bitters alcoholic is prepared  from well selected and carefully selected herbs. Odogwu bitter is high effectively hot drink that will eradicate any type of infections.

Odogwu bitter benefits:

It’s an energy booster which helps in increasing the libodo and provides antioxidants that boost the sex drive. It contains an ancient herbal mix that also include honey and ginger.

Ginger and honey also aid digestion thereby making Odogwu bitters a good drink after meal.

Ginger and honey helps in fighting inflammation in the body.

It also help in the relief of stress and regulation of blood sugar level and promotion of weight loss.

Key Features

Herbal drink enriched with honey and ginger

Good for an after meal drink to aid digestion

Odogwu bitter contains ginger and ginger helps to lower inflammation in the body

It contains honey which is good to ward off cold and help with allergies.

Odogwu bitters owner: Obi Cubana

Odogwu bitter price:10,000k for 200ml x 24

Add: 1263 Off Adeola Odeku, Lagos, Nigeria.

Dealers Nos:

Pascal– 08033237766

Madam Sharp Sharp-08033211148

Ogomec– 08033082559

Coal City– 08033296985


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