Jerros Cleaning Services


Jerros cleaning services Ajalli, Orumba, Awka, Anambra. We clean home and office for you. We are ready to help you clean up your mess. Choose the best company in Orumba.

We are professional cleaning services working in Anambra State Nigeria. We offer proper cleaning services for you.

We specializes in residential cleaning, pre, during & post event cleaning, post construction cleaning, house fumigation, deep cleaning, standard cleaning, & more.

The price of our services are determined by the size of the project, size of the building, number of places to be cleaned and what the clients want to be cleaned.

Jerros cleaning service you can trust! Reliable, Professional & Affordable. We set the standard in cleaning.

Choose from best people in Anambra State Nigeria. We do move out cleaning, house cleaning, and home cleaning.


Window Cleaning– Cleaning of window  sills and polishing of the window shield.( 3hrs 30m and up)

Deep Cleaning– We clean everywhere and everything in the house excluding nothing.( 7hrs and up)

Standard Cleaning- We clean the whole house end to end. (8 hrs and up)

Pre, During And Post Event Cleaning– We clear the mess as it occurs during your events. We make sure your guests are entertained in clean environs. ( 5hrs and up)

House Fumigation- Fumigation of the house and it’s surroundings or as the clients desires. ( 2hrs 30 m and up)

Post Construction Cleaning- Removing debris and washing of floors. ( 7hrs 30m and up)

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Call/WhatsApp- Uju-+2348080569933