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TASSEL LOAFERS: An alternative shoe design to Penny Loafers. This leather Tassel Loafers can be worn on jeans or casual trousers. Loafers in general are commonly worn on wedding ceremony too, especially for traditional wedding outfits.

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Tassel loafers is an American invention, being introduced to the footwear market after the Second World War. In the early 1950’s, they were often two-toned, with the vamps being white and the rest of the upper being another colour. These shoes are very popular as business shoes.

Incredibly stylish, the tassel loafer is our favourite of the many styles this shoe comes in. Clean, simple with the playfulness of a single tassel on each shoe, this one is perfect for your wardrobe. It is a humble ode to the great European style, alluding to classic Italian menswear.

Tassel Loafers had been used for centuries as ornaments on furniture and even saddles. When they sit on the top of a shoe, they resemble nothing so much as the carved radishes served at some old-fashioned restaurants.

A Tassel loafer is defined by the decorative tassels that sit across the vamp. These typically give the style a bit of flare however depending on the upper material, can be worn both formal and casual.

When Brooks Brothers introduced the style into their storefronts a few years later, that cemented the tassel loafer’s status as a preppy, country clubby shoe. Since then, they’ve indeed been popular with the preppy set, but they’ve been popular with American business men as well

Wearing tassel loafers with business suits would probably not be considered to be a faux pas, but we would still encourage you to wear them with casual suits or blazer/sport coat combinations and choose an Oxford with more formal garments

They work well with a smile, rather than a sneer. I like them with navy sport coats and chinos in the spring; tweeds and flannels in the fall. With clothes that are a bit too fully cut, tassel loafers can look a little fuddy duddy. With clothes that are too tight, they be overly hip

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